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CFO to a globally recognized software company

Our Customer has a globally recognized software that significantly enhances web performance and enables digital content delivery. Currenty their SW is powering more than 2.8 million websites globally.

The company is growing on a global market and is now entering a new phase where the Mainstream Enterprise Customers’ market will be addressed even stronger.

A  key role in the Management Team is the CFO. We are searching for a business oriented, pragmatic CFO contributing to a continuous profitable expansion. Prior experince from companies in a growth stage and from running international locations/subsidiaries. Knowledge of how to run a business selling Software as a Service.

Localisation: Stockholm city

For more information:

Lars Tegelberg: 0703-77 99 44  lars.tegelberg@transearch.se

Anders Hallersjö: 0705-22 23 84  anders.hallersjo@transearch.se